Who are your painting muses and/or sources of inspiration?

I’m a huge fan of abstract expressionism and gestural stroke – William de Kooning, Cy Twombly, Richard Diebenkorn, Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler, Franz Kline – that whole era. I also love Liepke’s portraits, Elizabeth Cummings landscapes, Gustav Klimt’s brilliant leafing, Gary Komarin and Line Juhl Hansen’s playfulness, Paul Balmer’s layers, Garance Dore's femininity, Trine Palum’s dancing bold colors, and the outright eccentricity of Nidji Agarwal, Rusudan Khinzanishvili, and Jesse Reno.  

What mediums do you use?

Most of my illustrations and paintings are acrylic, with touches of oil sticks, pen/ink and gold leafing.  My style is ever evolving, but whimsy remains. I illustrate and paint on the pages of old books, vintage paraphernalia and wallpaper remnants. Paintings vary between wrapped canvas, birch wood panels and paper. 

What size illustrations and paintings are you currently working on?

A complete and total array. 

Do you take commissions?

I love doing commission work because it gives me the opportunity to collaborate and create something unique to each client. This will be a special piece for you and for you to love. The process begins with a conversation, discussing the client’s ideas, desired color palette, and description of the space it will be featured. Pricing is based on size. Shipping will be an additional fee, added on at the end of the sale based on net weight and size. Please use the contact space to discuss!

Can we resale your products prior to written agreement?


How can I schedule a trunk show, gallery show, or exhibition?

Contact me with the event details. I’d be happy to discuss the possibility, along with calendar openings.  

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. An additional postage fee will be sent after checkout. 

Would you be interested in a collaboration?

Yes, of course. Email me if you’d like to collaborate on a project. I love working with other creatives and am always up for trying something new.

Do you work with designers?

Why yes, I do. Please use the contact form to reach out. I’d love to discuss your latest project and ideas. 

I’m a blogger/editor and would love to feature you. Would you be interested?

Absolutely! Message me via the contact form with more details.

Can we use your image for our branding or marketing materials without asking for signed permission and signing an agreement?


I’m a shop owner and would love to sell your products. Is this possible?

Definitely! Please contact me to discuss. I like to be sure that my art is carried and sold by shops that I have a connection with, shops that I love and would love to shop in. I reserve the right to decline to sell paintings to stores on a case by case basis.

Do you have prints?

As of right now all work is original and I am not offering prints on paintings. Should I decide to offer a print, it will be announced via blog, newsletter or Instagram. Sign up & Follow me!

Do you have a studio or gallery I can come visit in Austin?

I’m currently working out of the lovely apartment space I share with my husband. While it may be small, I’m always interested in sharing a cup of coffee with fellow artists and/or art lovers. Shoot me an email!

How does payment work?

All works are for sale through my website. If a piece has been sold, it will be marked on the top of each image. Once you click on the product you are interested in, you can add it to your cart and follow the prompts to the checkout, where you can pay via cash or credit card. 

How can I be the first to know when new works are available?

The best way to find out about new artwork is following me on Instagram or visiting my blog. I post work as often as possible, both in-process and those that are finished and available for purchase. Unfortunately, I am not able to contact people individually to let them know when I’ve added new work.

What is your return/exchange policy?

All sales are final. Unless I make an error in the listing or the colors are truly misrepresented in my photos. If you are not sure if the colors you see in a painting are to your liking, ask for additional photos. Note: Colors vary based on lighting. In addition, every human eye perceives colors slightly differently, as do computers. I am happy to send supplementary photos to alleviate any worries.

Nonetheless, I’m an understanding individual. If the piece truly doesn’t echo what you have seen in photos, I will allow a return. The item must be returned in the exact condition it was mailed. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable and the customer must pay the shipping fees associated with returning or exchanging an item. 

Should a painting arrive to you damaged, please contact me immediately. I’m a one-woman show that’s committed to giving you the best customer service possible. Orders are shipped once a week. I will communicate a pick-up/delivery-date as best I can. Please allow adequate time. In addition, please be patient as some paintings may require additional drying time before they can be mailed.