Nacogdoches Commission

Wade's aunt and uncle recently bought and restored a historical building in Nacogdoches. Brick walls, lofted ceilings with exposed piping - pretty much my dream home. Along the way they found a photo of the street, including their building, from 1927 (the one in red to the far right).  When their plans to enlarge the photo didn't work, they reached out to me to recreate the photo on canvas. I'm happy to say the painting has not only been delivered, but professionally framed and hung.  Seeing and reading her excitement and love for my work warms my heart. And seriously, how amazing are those brick walls? #DreamHome

Abstract Exercising

I have found Instagram to be one of the greatest customer surveying tools out there. And bonus - it's free. This little abstract received more likes in a matter of a day than any other piece I've completed. What's humorous, I never paint abstract. I'm too restricting and often find it difficult to let go.  I've read many abstract artists took time to get to a free way of painting, one I relate to a contemporary style of dance.  The idea of painting without control is often a learned mechanism. While I prefer the much simpler abstract, I turn into a hoarder of paint, slathering every which way possible. Wade constantly tells me to leave it alone, but there's always that little spot that needs a pickin' or paint lovin'.