Y'all, I'm pretty excited about this piece. It's a work in progress, but an explainable feeling tells me it's close to completion. It's gone through quite the transformation, more colors than one could imagine. Last night I was on the verge of painting a big red X across it - one of those artist moments where nothing seems to be working and clearly the piece of canvas is the root of all problems. But somehow I managed to walk away, painting unscathed, and magically this morning I have an all new appreciation for it.   

Abstract Exercising

I have found Instagram to be one of the greatest customer surveying tools out there. And bonus - it's free. This little abstract received more likes in a matter of a day than any other piece I've completed. What's humorous, I never paint abstract. I'm too restricting and often find it difficult to let go.  I've read many abstract artists took time to get to a free way of painting, one I relate to a contemporary style of dance.  The idea of painting without control is often a learned mechanism. While I prefer the much simpler abstract, I turn into a hoarder of paint, slathering every which way possible. Wade constantly tells me to leave it alone, but there's always that little spot that needs a pickin' or paint lovin'.