We Walk These Streets - Progress

I love when fellow artists post progress photos. Watching their paintings grow and feeling as though I'm inside the mind of it's creator are so inspiring. Below are progress photos for Regardless and Wakey Wakey, two paintings included in my We Walk These Streets series.

Layering work with the deep-seated words of poets and musicians is a thing of mine. I almost always have music going while I'm painting and sometimes, in those lucky moments, the little buzz in my ear stirs something within. The lexemes stick and impulsively transform my vision, finding their way onto the canvas, breathing a new life. In an instant my intentions for the piece become explicable. Regardless received it's name after a poem by Charles Bukowski. Some of his lines, often raw and dark, can be found beneath the  Fred Hartman Bridge. Wakey Wakey is named after the band who sang the infamous Brooklyn, a song I've long adored and babbled on during most of this painting's production.