We Walk These Streets

I have a friend who's a complete saint. Every year on his birthday in January he hosts a charity event to raise money for the homeless population of Houston, Texas. Like I said - seriously, such an angel. This year he asked that I be a part of the event and submit some paintings for the auction. I couldn't be more thrilled and am working on a series entitled We Walk These Streets. It's my take on those who are unhoused and displaced, but to many it could represent a variety of emotions and points in our lives such as walking your destined path, feelings of loneliness and isolation, or heck, just your love for the city you live in. That's the great thing about abstract pieces- everyone sees something different and it will evolve into a whole new meaning, an intimate and personal significance. This painting, the first of the series, is called "March". Sometimes we all move to the beat of our own drum and sometimes you just gotta keep moving.